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  • Data: 09-04-2017

    Bosco del Merlo welcomes you at VINITALY

    VINITALY, the most important international wine competition and exposition, celebrates 51 years. The event will take place from Sunday, 9th April to Wednesday, 12nd April 2017 in Verona. Four days of major events attracting visitors from all over the world: technical tastings of wine and spirits, overviews of wine-making realities in various regions of Italy, […]

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  • Data: 19-03-2017

    PROWEIN 2017, Düsseldorf

    The greatest wine fair in Germany will open on March 19th in Düsseldorf.  It will be PROWEIN 2017, one of the most interesting European meeting for tasting and appreciating any news about wine. You can find Bosco del Merlo and the other family’s companies (Paladin, Premiata Fattoria di Castelvecchi in Chianti) at HALL 15 – Stand D21. Three days […]

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  • Data: 23-01-2017

    Prosecco? Bosco del Merlo naturally

    The new ADV campaign is on Gilbert & Gaillard international magazine, winter 2016, page 9. “Prosecco Bosco del Merlo comes from the respect for nature and territory. The Reasoned Viticulture is placed at the roots of its sustainable quality. Selected grapes are at the basis of its balance. The passion is our source”.

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  • Data: 22-01-2017

    Bosco del Merlo promotes LIFE VITISOM project

    Promoting a sustainable management of soil in viticulture, through the development, testing and scale-up of a technology for the organic fertilization of the vineyard: this is the main objective of Life Vitisom project. Our Bosco del Merlo estate has joined this project with great enthusiasm. It’s curated by the department of Agricultural and Environmental sciences, […]

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Welcome to Bosco del Merlo

The Bosco del Merlo estate winery is the pride and joy of siblings Carlo, Lucia and Roberto Paladin; it is the result of their continuous and evolving commitment, and an expression of their love and passion for the earth and its fruits.

They produce wine that is typical of the area; bringing together tradition, culture and courage; using the most advanced technology, fully respecting the ethical issues and environment in which they operate, in order to offer quality without compromise and maximum satisfaction for their customers and fans.

Wine is the song of the earth toward the heavens

Luigi Veronelli

Carlo, Lucia and Roberto Paladin


Passion, research, dedication and respect for traditions: these are the main values pursued by Paladin Family since the company’s foundation in 1962 by Valentino who followed his grandfather’s marks. Carlo, Lucia and Roberto brought energies and enthusiasm with the aim of producing excellent, typical wines while respecting the family traditions.

Paladin vineyards, which look like beautiful gardens, are immersed in the harmonious rural landscape recalling ancient traditions and cultures.
The estate extends between Eastern Veneto and Friuli with almost 100 hectares of green vineyards. This is a territory in which viticulture and enology enjoy an ancient and renowned tradition.
In this area the love for wine and viticulture date back at least to the Roman age: in the first century a.d. Plinio used to describe this rich area as a wide vineyard and used to describe the ships which, full of wine amphoras, sailed from the Adriatic ports to Rome. Centuries later, the Republic of Venice used to import the “noble drink”, object of trade exchanges all over its dominion.
Finds testifying the ancient production of wine in this territory were found in our vineyards in Lison.

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