Syrah Seduzione

In vineyard

The Syrah is an international grape variety famous for its spicy notes that Paladin interprets with great elegance.
The grapes are harvest at optimally maturity. It’s a generous vine, to obtain a quality product and with a high typicality, the yield is controlled.

In cellar

The grapes are vinified at the average temperature of 25°C, while the maceration lasts for about 15 days. It follows a maturation in wooden barrique of 3/4 passage to obtain from wood a slow oxygenation with the aim of maturing the original tannins, without extracting them from wood, thus giving the wine softness.

In tasting

Intense red wine with garnet reflections. The perfume is enveloping with notes of red fruit, spices and black pepper. In mouth, we can find the cherry in spirit and coffee.


Large and round wine with great character. Enveloping and very pleasant for its harmony and wideness.



Ideal for all meals, excellent with dishes of boiled and baked meats. Perfect with cold cuts and cheeses of medium maturing and insuperable alone, after dinner at the wine bar in company.

Technical information

• Bottle Size: 0,75 L-1,5 l
• 13,5% Alc. Vol.
• Sulphites: 105 mg / L (-30 % legal limit)
• Sugar: 19,5 gr / l
• Acidity: 5,7
• PH: 3,55

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