Bosco del Merlo – Falstaff Award 2021.

We are happy to share you our awards for Bosco del Merlo, winner of Falstaff Award 2021.

Falstaff Magazine, first published in the 1980’s, in German language, specialized in tourism and enogastronomy, whose success led to many publications under the name Falstaff.
The most important publication of these is “Falstaff Wein guide”, which has become a recognized authority on Austrian wine since its first edition in 1998 and has expanded its horizons to the entire international market.

For us a great satisfaction for our work that led us to be proud and determined in obtaining wines of excellent quality. We love every single production of which the selection and the accurate study made us proud of our work.

Awarded Wines:

– Prosecco Extra Dry Bosco del Merlo 2020 – 92 Points
Bright yellow, persistent, with fine perlage. Intense and inviting on the nose with notes of juicy pear and fresh apple. Round and smooth on the palate, with lovely notes of fresh pear, persistent with rich structure.

– Prosecco Brut Bosco del Merlo 2020 – 89 Points
Bright silver grey. Light citrus and floral aromas on the nose.
Delicate with excellent acidity that calls or a second sip.