Bosco del Merlo promotes LIFE VITISOM project

Promoting a sustainable management of soil in viticulture, through the development, testing and scale-up of a technology for the organic fertilization of the vineyard: this is the main objective of Life Vitisom project. Our Bosco del Merlo estate has joined this project with great enthusiasm. It’s curated by the department of Agricultural and Environmental sciences, University of Milan in collaboration with the Italbiotec consortium, the University of Padua and Sata agronomic study.

“The use of this technology absolutely innovative – explains Lucia Paladin, passionate producer – it allows you to improve the quality of the soil of the vineyards, both in terms of structure of the soil that of content of organic elements and of biodiversity. This produces positive outcomes also on the quality of the Vines and grapes “. The promotion of rational use of organic fertilizers allows to store and restore the organic matter in soils vineyards, in line with what the EU protocol for the integrated and bio cultivation reports.

This represents “Reasoned Viticulture”: this means to interpret the vineyard as an ecosystem in balance and to act always with the goal of preserving its characteristics with minimum actions, punctual and specific.