Balsamic Vinegar from Modena

With this vinegar we enlarge our selection of quality products for the tables of the most prestigious restaurants.

The balsamic vinegar from Modena Bosco del Merlo is a high quality product produced in the origin area from musts which evaporate in copper boilers at a temperature not higher than 90°C for 24 hours.
During the evaporation the must is constantly purified from all the substances coming into surface. After the cooling, the “cooked must” is made cold and decanted and then united to fine vinegars. It then ages in oak barrels in order to obtain an harmonious taste. The parameters which measure the quality are the high content of simple sugars (260 g./l) and extract and the high density (1,12).

This dressing has become a symbol of Italian gastronomy. Its characteristic softness and the interesting aromatic notes make not only salads and raw vegetables, but also braised or grilled meats and important fish particularly savoury.

Available size: 250 ml.

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