Cabernet Vinegar

Bosco del Merlo vinegar is obtained from Cabernet grapes harvested when perfectly ripe and vinified with extreme care. The wine is of excellent quality: this is a necessary condition for obtaining a full and scented vinegar. After 8-10 months in steel tanks, the Cabernet is transferred from the winery to the vinegar works. There it is put into special tanks where the acetic fermentation takes place according to the “slow chip” method. This method ensures a small, but optimum quality product. The vinegar is then aged in oak barrels in order to improve its flavour.

Bosco del Merlo Cabernet Vinegar has a peculiar brick-red color, with orange tints.

It boasts a strong, persistent flavour and a delicate aftertaste.

The taste is full-bodied and vibrant, with a marked acidity (7.5%) that attests to its high level of quality.

Gastronomic matches
Bosco del Merlo Cabernet Vinegar is particularly suited for preparing various sauces: in vinaigrette sauce, it shows off the tastes of salads. Indispensable in fish and meat marinades, it dissolves the taste of game and enriches it with a pleasant flavour. When used to cook delicate meats, this vinegar simply exalts their flavour.

Bottle size: 250 ml.

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