Quality in the vineyard

A passion for doing things right in Bosco del Merlo translates into particular attention being paid to work in the vineyard, which is carried out with the utmost care and expertise, allowing them to overcome the majority of difficulties and unforeseen circumstances that the season can present, in order to produce grapes of the highest quality every year.

A tight-knit and highly competent team of agronomists and experts are responsible for the management of operations in the vineyard throughout the year, in the order that we see below.

The processes below are all carried out manually and require high levels of patience and expertise. Only a few companies are in the position to make these essential and decisive investments in quality.


This is the first important step towards excellence. Taking into consideration the vigour of the plant and the wood produced during the previous year, a load of suitable buds are left, so that the plant only produces bunches that can be effectively nourished and brought to the appropriate maturity.

Selection of shoots

Based on the quality of the sprouting, intervention takes place when the young shoots have reached a length of 10 – 15 cm and in an attempt to make the vegetation homogeneous, the branches that are too vigorous or not vigorous enough are eliminated. This operation represents the initial thinning process and is therefore an important part of the selection process.


This is the cutting of the branches just as they have reached a suitable length. This is carried out at the stage when the energy of the plant is diverted from the tips of the shoots to the bunches, for example in the post-flowering or fruit-setting phases.

Leaf stripping

This takes place 2 or 3 times a year. It involves the removal of leaves in order to manage the micro-climate of the bunching area in such a way as to ensure the health of the grape. This manages the shading or exposure to the light of the bunches according to variety and the ripeness, scent or phenolic type that is desired. Generally the first leaf stripping takes place on the east facing side so that the grape only receives the sun in the morning.
The second takes place at the lower part of the wall. The third takes place at the west facing side, late in the season and is carried out mainly on red grape varieties.


Also called “green harvesting”. Used to definitively decide the productive load of the vines. It is carried out before veraison (the moment before the grapes change colour). The intensity of the process will be based upon the health status of the plant and the seasonal pattern. The thinning process results in considerably sacrificing quantity in favour of quality. Its implementation on the estate establishes a real cultural leap forward, as it leaves already formed bunches in the ground.

Multiple grape harvests

More than one grape harvest in the same vineyard, if necessary, can be carried out in order to select only the best bunches on successive occasions. Only those who produce quality without compromise can carry out such a process.

Precision farming in grape harvesting

This is based on grape harvesting with vine vigour maps, dividing each plot of land according to homogeneous areas with grapes with different characteristics. This means that we get different grapes per analytical characteristic (acidity, aroma) from the same vineyard.