The Love of Nature and the Art of Wine

On the border between Veneto and Friuli, in an area recognised as highly suited for wine-growing since ancient Roman times, the splendid vineyards of Bosco del Merlo are cultivated with loving care. Backed by a love for nature, we employ the best and most advanced knowledge, conscious that an excellent wine is 90% made in the vineyard. The search for quality without compromise is the goal that guides our every step and passion is what drives us.

Our wines are guaranteed by the personal commitment of the family. Every day we work with our technicians to find the best ways of preserving the intrinsic quality of the fruit and safeguarding the health of our customers, using the best technology at our disposal in order to constantly reduce the use of sulphites.

Dedicated to our search for typicity and quality, the production delivers a selected list of internationally award-winning wines, destined for the tables of top restaurants in Italy and abroad. Bosco del Merlo is an eco-compatible estate and winery which, faced with a constantly changing environment, endeavours to improve its performance every day. The results can be seen for themselves. Egrets and herons land in our furrows, in the clear waters native river fauna prosper, birds indigenous to our land continue to nest on the grasses and in the hedges and squirrels dart across the meadows.

Projects to protect Bosco del Merlo customers and the environment are combined under the auspices of the Reasoned Viticulture label.