The Terroir

The vineyards of Bosco del Merlo can be found on the border between Veneto and Friuli, two Italian regions with immense wine-making traditions. Geographically, the area is privileged, benefitting from sea breezes on one side and the influence of the equidistant Carnic Pre-Alps on the other. This ensures a micro-climate with good temperature ranges, which – as we know – is good for the concentration of aromas in the grape, and consequently in the wines. Occasionally the Trieste bora, fresh and dry wind from Siberia, characteristically sporadic, lashes the vines and brings good weather. The terrain of the Bosco del Merlo vineyards is characterised by the so-called “caranto”, a lime-clay layer, with fluvioglacial origins and a particular stratification, which provides the grapes with unique characteristics.

On the estate a careful zoning process was implemented in order to discover in which vineyards the most suitable grape varieties grew.
Year after year, through clonal selection and replanting, the best vines for the grafts and propagations are selected, in order to achieve typicity and to obtain the best grapes for wines of the highest quality. As home to plants of over fifty years of age, it is testimony to the excellent production of older vineyards and to the reproduction of only those vines that are best adapted to the terroir. The thick planting densities, the low yields per hectare and particularly the careful management of green harvesting and bunches in the vineyard ensure that the grapes arrive at the cellar in perfect condition.