Rosè Bosco del Merlo

In vineyard

The harvest is early, to maintain acid freshness and aromas, and the grapes are pressed gently, to preserve the best must.

In the cellar

The fermentation of the must occurs at a temperature of 15°C to enhance the fruity notes. For the taking of foam we chose the Charmat Method, with frequent battonage, to enhance the finesse and the fragrance. Therefore, it follows an appropriate period of refinement in bottle to restore balance and softness.The bubble is thin and persistent, very pleasant to the eye as well as to the palate.

In tasting

The wine in characterized by a pink intense colour with gently coppery shades. Tipically fresh and subtly floral scents. The flavour is dry and persistent, with a very good freshness.


Excellent as an aperitif and conversation wine, Rosé Sparkling Brut Bosco del Merlo is excellent throughout the meal to accompany the light dishes of Mediterranean cuisine and seafood dishes.

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