Cabernet Sauvignon Nono Miglio DOC Venezia

In vineyard

Cabernet Sauvignon is an international grape variety whose characteristics are hugely influenced by the area in which it is cultivated. Thanks to a careful clonal selection process, grape varieties perfectly adapted to the territory are propagated, which provide us with grapes in perfect condition every year. The low production yields, together with accurate green harvesting management, allow for the attainment of maximum phenolic maturity.

In cellar

The grapes are fermented in an average temperature of 25° C and maceration lasts for 18-20 days. The eminence of typical varietal characteristics is obtained after aging in steel.

Tasting notes

Cabernet Sauvignon Nono Miglio is distinguished by its enchanting brilliant red colour and by its delicious scent with distinct herbaceous, fresh spicy and sweet hints. The flavour is austere, full-blooded and velvety.


Pure-bred Cabernet Sauvignon, an international grape variety that has found its ideal habitat in Eastern Veneto.A rich, fruity and intense bouquet. In tasting it expresses great character with its breadth of body and persistence.

What does Nono Miglio mean?

Annone Veneto takes its name from the ninth milestone placed on the Strada Consolare Postumia: ‘ad nonum lapidem’. With the name of this wine we have evoked the ancient origins of our land.


Perfect with red meat dishes, poultry and game. Also excellent with local cheeses as medium mature Montasio or Carnic Alps cheese.

Enjoy at 18°C


  • 2015

    Gold Medal at Concours International des Cabernets

  • 2003

    Seal of Approval at the International Wine Challenge, London

    Second Prize at the Festambiente National Competition, Grosseto

  • 2002

    Third Prize among the Red Young Wines at the Wines Exhibition of Festambiente, Grosseto

  • 1997

    Great Mention at the Vinitaly International Enological Competition, Verona

  • 1992

    Gold Medal at the Pramaggiore National Wine Exhibition

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