Pinot Grigio Rosé delle Venezie DOC

In Vineyard

Grapes are selected from the most windy and sunny vineyards where grapes are perfectly healthy and ripe. The harvest is fragmented to reach the perfect balance between the acidity note in the first pick and the aromatic and fruity notes with the second one.

In Cellar

Each pick follows the crio maceration process at low temperature to obtain a light copper color. The process goes on with a soft pressing and a fermentation in stainless steel tank. After a refinement of few months, the blend is created.

Tasting notes

Great elegant copper color with pink shade. The nose reminds Williams pear, dried flowers and wild strawberry. It tastes dry and with a savory taste, a great balance.


he packaging has been accurately studied to create the right harmony with wine’s personality.


Great as aperitif as well as during meals. Superb in pairing with fish dishes, as salmon fillet. Try it also with fish risotto.
Enjoy at 10/12 °C


Bosco del Merlo 4V philosophy puts emphasis on sustainability all along the production chain, paying attention not only to the land’s health, but also to the well-being of the inhabitants.
According to this reason, Bosco del Merlo has decided to donate part of the income of the Pinot Grigio Rosè to LILT. LILT is an Italian non – profit association aiming to prevent breast cancer and to help the women in this condition.
Let toast together to women and life!

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