Pinot Grigio Tudajo

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In vineyard

Pinot Grigio is a very difficult variety to cultivate with a view to achieving excellence. The compact bunching and the high vine vigour require numerous green harvesting operations, both to modulate the energy balance of the plant and to create the right micro-climatic conditions which favour the development of the bunches by lowering humidity and at the same time managing protection from the sun’s rays.

In cellar

Pinot Grigio Tudajo originates from the grape’s copper coloured characteristics vinified in white. The musts, fractionated according to the pressing stage, are vinified separately and only the more delicate pressings contribute to the formation of the final blend. The wine is then placed into stainless steel tanks to mature for an ideal period for achieving the right balance and optimum finesse.

In tasting

Pinot Grigio Tudajo di Bosco del Merlo is a very elegant and internationally appreciated white wine, pale yellow in colour with light coppery shades reminiscent of the colour of the grapes. The scent is intense with hints of acacia flowers and nutmeg. It is dry on the palate, pleasantly broad and confirms the olfactory senses.


    • The excellence of an international grape variety, carefully interpreted by a company attentive to the terroir.


    Harmony and persistence make it perfect for every palate. An elegant wine that can adapt with confidence to a thousand flavours, combinations and menus.

What does Tudajo mean?

Taken from the mythology of the Dolomites, it is the name of a legendary prince transfigured into the mountains.


Excellent with first courses, even the more elaborate choices. It combines divinely with seafood cuisine and white meats. We recommend it to vegetarians for beans and vegetable dishes or for tofu cooked in various ways.
Enjoy at 8/10°C

Technical information

• Bottle sizes: 0.75 l
• 13% Alc. Vol.
• Sulphite content: 110 mg/l (-45% legal limit)
• Sugars: 4 g/l
• Acidity: 6.3
• PH: 3.30
• Vineyard Name: Casa Rosa
• Location: Annone Veneto
• Planting density: 2.20 x 0.90 m
• Planting year: 1991
• Hectares: 7.10
• Density: 5050
• Yield: 90 q/Ha
• Bottles produced annually: 80,000


  • 2017

    Pinot Grigio 2015
    2 “Rosoni” in VINETIA wine guide by Italian Sommelier Association

  • 2008

    Bronze Medal at the IWSC Competition (Surrey)

  • 2007

    Seal of Approval at the International Wine Challenge, London

  • 2006

    Quality Certificate at the Mundus Vini Competition, Neustadt, Germany

  • 2004

    Certificate and Medal at the “Douja d’Or” National Concours in Asti

    Great Mention at the Vinitaly International Enological Competition, Verona

  • 2002

    Bronze Medal at the Concours National des Vins, Paris

  • 1999

    Seal of Approval at the International Wine Challenge, London

  • 1998

    Great Mention at the Vinitaly International Enological Competition, Verona

    2nd Prize at the National Exhibition of Wines, Grosseto

  • 1989

    Gold Medal at the Pramaggiore National Wine Exhibition

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