Ribolla Gialla Iside


The vineyards are located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a region with an historical tradition for Ribolla Gialla. This land possesses the perfect characteristics to donate freshness and aromatic notes to the wine. Grapes are harvested during the first ten days of September, when they have reached the right ripeness degree. The harvest takes place during the freshest hours of the day to preserve primary flavors.

In the winery

After a brief maceration process, a soft pressure divides must from peels. The fermentation happens at low temperature in a steel tank and it is followed by a long refinement process on the yeasts before bottling.

Organoleptic characteristics

The wine is strong straw-yellow; the scent is sweet, with a memory of wildflowers and white peach. The taste is soft, enveloping and balanced, with a mineral component carried by a savory taste and great persistence.


Bosco del Merlo has always been recognized for its high quality white wine. 2018 saw the introduction of Ribolla Gialla within Bosco del Merlo’s prestigious selection: aromatic characteristics of this wine embrace the company style.

What does Iside mean?

Iside was the goddess of magic and maternity. In ancient Egypt she was the symbol of fertility and reborn, particularly referring to land and nature.


The wine matches perfectly with fish, especially with baked seabass in salt crust. Try it also with a selection of blue cheeses.

Enjoy at 10/12°C

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