Verduzzo Soandre Passito DOC Lison Pramaggiore

In vineyard

Soandre is a wine entirely conceived in the vineyard.
A selection of the grapes are collected at an early stage of ripening and are left to dry, while the rest remain planted for a further period to
undergo a process of over-ripeness. The phenomena of sugar and aromatic concentration leads to a complex olfactory and gustatory identity.

In cellar

A selection of the grapes are immediately vinified at the time of the harvest; the rest are subjected to drying through natural ventilation.
Both the musts are fermented in 225 litre casks. The wine then matures in wood for 10 months.

In tasting

Verduzzo Passito Soandre is recognisable by an intense and bright golden colour and an embracing scent, seductive due to its hints of herbs and ripe tropical fruits. The taste is highly refined in its extremely balanced sweetness.


It collects all of the sunshine that it has enjoyed and kindly returns it to the glass. Its olfactory stage is impressive and is a prelude to the pleasure of tasting. A sweet accomplice of seduction.

What does Soandre mean?

Soandre is the name of a princess in a Cadore legend, who is transformed into a crystal clear stream in the name of love.


Excellent with herbed cheese as gorgonzola or blue goats cheese, and a fabulous companion for dry pastries, cakes or fruit cakes, jam and dried fruit. Excellent as a meditation wine.

Enjoy at 14°C

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